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Uganda delays implementation of e visas

Uganda is in advanced stages of developing and eventual implementing of an e-visa and e-permit system where applications for visas and work permits will be made on line, an authorization sent to the applicant by email and visas/permits/passes issued upon arrival. However, we are still carrying out consultations with our key stakeholders and we are considering and integrating their inputs, some of which may require adjustments in the software and may as such take some time.

We have all been waiting for such a system for a long time and we are cognizant of the need for all our stakeholders to be informed well in time before the system takes effect, but we do not yet have the dates. We shall make every necessary effort to inform all stakeholders such as the Aviation authorities, the airlines, the travel agents, our missions abroad, Government Ministries and some travelers through the acceptable and most reliable means once the system is ready.

We suspect that in the process of carrying out consultations some website picked on an erroneous date which is not correct and which is causing unnecessary panic in sections of the travel industry. We appeal to all our stakeholders to stay calm and wait for the communication of the applicable dates from our part once we are ready.
We shall not implement the system without informing the users in time as this would turn out to be counterproductive.

Any dates as of today as highlighted by some websites are not official and are therefore not correct. The correct date will soon be communicated